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Help for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Legal Assistance Program

Help for Nonprofits


Since 1999, the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center has operated the Nonprofit Legal Assistance Program to provide legal assistance to the District's community-based nonprofit organizations.

The Nonprofit Legal Service Assistance Program provides the following services: 

  • Nonprofit Matches with Law Firms. The Nonprofit Legal Assistance Program matches community-based nonprofits with pro bono legal counsel that assist in areas such as employment law, real estate, corporate governance, contract review, intellectual property, and obtaining tax-exempt status.
  • Nonprofit Legal Clinics. The Nonprofit Legal Assistance Program offers brief advice legal clinics where nonprofits can meet one-on-one with attorneys on topics such as good governance and intellectual property. The events calendar is updated as these clinics are announced.
  • Nonprofit Trainings. The Nonprofit Legal Assistance Program conducts in-person and webinar training sessions with government agencies and law firms to educate nonprofits on important legal issues such as board governance, employment law, nonprofit regulation, and other legal issues. The events calendar is updated as these sessions are announced.
  • Nonprofit Legal Resources. The Nonprofit Legal Assistance Program offers free guides, alerts on law changes, a trainings archive and other useful legal information on our online resource center, through the LawHelp website. 

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