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Washington Lawyer

Legends in the Law

The "Legends in the Law" are senior members of the District of Columbia Bar who have shared their experiences and perspectives during interviews with Bar Report, a former publication of the District of Columbia Bar, and Washington Lawyer, the Bar's official magazine.

The subject of these interviews have been selected by the D.C. Bar's Publications Committee on the basis of their prominence in the profession and their individual impact on the law and the practice in the District of Columbia.

The legends have helped build the foundation of the legal community. Read their interviews as they talk about the choices they've made in both their lives and career.

Roger M. Adelman
Robert S. Bennett
Richard Ben-Veniste
Thomas Hale Boggs Jr.
Robert H. Bork
Brooksley Born
Plato Cacheris
Mortimer M. Caplin
Benjamin R. Civiletti
John C. Cruden
Lloyd N. Cutler
Samuel Dash
Sara-Ann Determan
Joseph diGenova
Charles T. Duncan
Donald R. Dunner
Peter B. Edelman
David Falk
John M. Ferren
Fred F. Fielding
Vincent J. Fuller
Jamie Gorelick
Joyce Hens Green
Harold H. Greene
Marcia D. Greenberger
Daniel Gribbon
Charles A. Horsky
William G. Hundley
Max Kampelman
John C. Keeney
Rufus King
Philip Allen Lacovara
Judith L. Lichtman
Sol M. Linowitz
Abbe Lowell
Leonard H. Marks
Harry C. McPherson
Herbert J. Miller Jr. 
Betty Southard Murphy
James M. Nabrit III
John E. Nolan Jr.
Eleanor Holmes Norton
Louis F. Oberdorfer
John Garrett Penn
John H. Pickering
Robert F. Pitofsky
Stephen Pollak
Ramsay D. Potts
E. Barrett Prettyman
William C. Pryor
Daniel A. Rezneck
Charles S. Rhyne
Elliot L. Richardson
William D. Rogers
Charles F.C. Ruff
James J. Sandman
Pauline A. Schneider
William L. Taylor
Marna S. Tucker
Fred B. Ugast
Patricia M. Wald
Paul C. Warnke
Walter E. Washington 
Richard Wiley