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Practice Management Advisory Service

Practice Management Advisory Service (PMAS):
Law Firm Management Self Check

Communications with the PMAS are confidential under the D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct.”Contact your Practice Management Advisors, Dan Mills at 202-780-2762 or Rochelle Washington at 202-780-2764 or email to [email protected].

What your score means: 

100%: You are doing great! Do you want to take your firm to the next level? Call a Practice Management Advisor for free and confidential advice and guidance. 

90%: Impressive! You've got this under control, but a Practice Management Advisor could help you be even better through a free and confidential consultation and a personal, individualized practice management plan. 

80%: Good job. We can help you move forward on your path to success. Consider taking ourBasic Training & Beyond course, our Successful Small Firm Practice Course or attend a PMAS Lunch and Learn program. These seminars are free to D.C. Bar members. The Practice Management Advisors can recommend the best course or seminar to meet your needs.  

70%: There are areas for improvement. We recommend you contact a Practice Management Advisor for a free and confidential consultation. You will learn how to minimize the stress of practice and maximize the satisfaction of practicing law. 

60%: You know there is a better way to manage your practice – but where do you start? We highly recommend taking the free law firm assessment and meeting with or calling a Practice Management Advisor for free and confidential advice and guidance. The advisors are here to advise and guide you over the course of your career. 

 0%- 50%: You are doing your best just to keep your head above water.  The Practice Management Advisory Service is here to help with advice, guidance and an individualized practice management plan.  Please call a Practice Management Advisor today; it’s free and confidential.

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