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D.C. Bar 2020: A New Five-Year Horizon

D.C. Bar 2020: A New Five-Year Horizon

In 2014, then D.C. Bar President Brigida Benitez appointed a Strategic Planning Committee, comprised of respected leaders who are representative of the Bar's diverse membership, and charged it with creating a new strategic plan: D.C. Bar 2020.

The D.C. Bar is at a crucial time in its history. Now, more than ever, the Bar needs to step up and provide strong leadership to meet the changing nature of the legal profession, the varying needs of its members to remain relevant, as well as positioning itself to succeed in the future. 


Our New Strategic Priorities and Objectives

D.C. Bar 2020 Priorities and Objectives 12-15On June 9, 2015, the Board of Governors approved five new strategic priorities and objectives that will serve as the foundation for the Bar's vision over the next five years. The priorities focus on the Bar's vision of leading within the legal profession, empowering individuals, enhancing member value, providing public service and professional excellence, and fostering community and connections. 

These priorities and objectives were identified based on the key findings developed by the committee after careful analysis of the extensive research and member outreach that took place during the first phase of D.C. Bar 2020. 

During phase one, the D.C. Bar, with the help of strategic planning professionals, gathered research from thousands of its stakeholders to learn about trends impacting the legal marketplace and profession over the past five years and identified what specific issues have impacted D.C. Bar members in particular. To ensure that the priorities reflected the voices of all members, the committee reached out to each of the Bar's membership groups. During the process, more than 5,000 members participated in a comprehensive online survey, four polls, and 21 small focus groups.

Looking Ahead

The Board's vote signaled the end of the first two steps of Phase 1 of the D.C. Bar 2020 planning process. Moving forward, the Bar plans to complete Phase 1 by identifying the organizational implications of the priorities and objectives, as well as to identify its strategic goals, initiatives, and key performance indicators. Phases 2 through 4 will focus on executing, measuring, and evaluating the strategy.

Once the plan is in place, the Bar staff and elected leadership will incorporate the new objectives and priorities into the Bar's business operations.

Join the Conversation

In order for the plan to truly reflect the voice of the membership, individual members are encouraged to share their feedback throughout the coming months and participate in periodic polls that will appear on this page throughout the journey. 

The D.C. Bar wants to hear from you over the course of the strategic planning process. E-mail or contact us via Twitter (#dcbar2020).